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Moving and Packing Supplies

Potomac Moving Company is happy to offer all necessary moving supplies such as tape, boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and other specialty items upon request. We have specialty wardrobe boxes to accommodate your clothes on hangers without having to take them off, which will keep them from getting wrinkled. Our dish barrels will keep your fine china safe during transport, while special TV boxes will keep your precious big screen safe from damage.

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Packing supplies orders of $100 or more will be delivered right to your home for free.

  • 100$ deposit

    100$ deposit

  • Tape


  • Small Boxes

    Small Boxes

  • Paper Pads

    Paper Pads

  • Medium Boxes

    Medium Boxes

  • Large Boxes

    Large Boxes

  • Bubble Wrap

    Bubble Wrap

  • Mirror Boxes

    Mirror Boxes

  • Shrink Wrap

    Shrink Wrap

  • Dish Pack Boxes

    Dish Pack Boxes

  • Wardrobe Boxes

    Wardrobe Boxes

  • Packing Paper

    Packing Paper

  • Mattress Boxes

    Mattress Boxes

  • TV Boxes

    TV Boxes




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